When? Version history
Version 2.5.3 (8/05/2015)
1. Refresh of the tool chain / build process.
Version 2.5.2 (14/02/2014)
1. Fixed error when tiling 4 windows.
2. Added 'Windows System Folder' actions so they can be added after installation.
Version 2.5.1 (6/12/2013)
1. Fixed "Subscript of of range" error for certain menu sizes.
Version 2.5.0 (22/11/2013)
1. When moving the Infinite Desktop, ZenKEY will switch focus to the last used app visible app, otherwise to the app under the cursor.
2. If set as a permanent option (via the ZenKEY configuration utility), the ZenBar layout is now permanently enforced (instead of just on startup).
3. Usable windows are now filtered, providing a better history of used applications for desktop movements and window actions.
Version 2.4.17 (26/07/2013)
1. Iconizing a windows now returns the focus to the previously active application.
2. Fixed a bug in the Infinite Desktop Autofocus setting that prevented it from working as desired.
3. Added a "Display Hotkeys" function to the "Backup/Restore" section (where else?) in the Configuration Utility.
Version 2.4.16 (13/07/2013)
1. Fixed issue with the ZenKEY Wizard on Windows 8.
2. Increased Window memory depth.
3. Corrected description of the Infinite Desktop Automatic Focus setting.
Version 2.4.15 (6/07/2013)
1. Changed the "Automatic focus" setting for "Infinite desktop" movements to set focus to the most recent application that lies within the new desktop position.
2. The recorded active application depth in now 8 (was 4).
Version 2.4.14 (20/05/2013)
1. Added two more Window classes for Win 8 UI + "Auto-Window Transparency" compatibility ("Snapped Window", "ImmersiveGutter" - thanks Link).
2. Corrected bug when saving
"Auto-Window Transparency" exclusions.
Version 2.4.13 (12/05/2013)
1. Added support for using a wider range of Hotkeys, such as "PrtSc/SysRq", "Break/Pause" and more.
2. Fix an issue where if a search is being tested and ZenKEY is not running, the test failed.
3. Removed the "Google Map Search" - it did not work.
4. Fixed an issue that prevented keystroke sequences from being tested.
5. Added class exclusions to prevent Win8 UI ("Metro") app Windows from participating in "Auto-Window Transparency".
Version 2.4.12 (11/04/2013)
1. Added Google map search to the list of predefined actions.
2. Icon size is now saved and restored per icon (if the 'preserve icon' setting is enabled).
3. Fixed the loading of omitted class names for automatic window transparency exclusions.
Version 2.4.11 (31/03/2013)
1. Switched off debug logging (was switched on for testing at some point and got into the final build. Sorry...).
2. Optimized and improved the behviour of the mouse click simulation.
3. Website: Updated the download page to include Rainmeter skins, a note about the demise of Samurize and links to the source repo on SourceForge..
Version 2.4.10 (10/03/2013)
1. Optimized transparency algorithms according to MS docs.
2. Improved the 'Refresh window' alogorithm after tranparency applications.
3. Removed the 'Refresh window' option in 'Automatic window transparency' as it's now handled automatically.
4. Added an "Automatic focus" option after Desktop movements.
5. Fixed a bug that repeated the keystrokes in the display when editing them.

Version 2.4.9 (12/02/2013)
1. Removed "Avoid layered windows" option for auto-transparency: it  now done by default.
2. Optimized some routines determining whether to apply auto-transparency.
3. Added support for excluding window classes during "Automatic window transparency".
4. Removed the "Desktop" option for selecting files.
5. The Desktop map is now refreshed immediately after Infinite Desktop area movements.
6. Small optimizations to window class resolving.
Version 2.4.8 (30/11/2012)
1. Fixed issue creating a Zen Layout if no icons exist.
2. Some small tweaks in the Icon layout routines.
Version 2.4.7 (25/10/2012)
1. Modified Desktop Map corner icon click behaviour.
2. Some small tweaks to internal string manipulation routines.
3. Removed some un-used functions and dead code.
Version 2.4.6 (14/10/2012)
1. More Windows 8 icons fixes.
Version 2.4.5 (22/09/2012)
1. Moved all Hotkey verification into single function (prevents illegal selections).
2. Fixed a bug in detection of duplicate keys.
Version 2.4.4 (22/09/2012)
1. Fixed some visual artifacts in the icons.
2. Added support for detecting the Windows key when capturing keystrokes.
3. Added warning when using only the Windows key as a modifier.
Version 2.4.3 (21/09/2012)
1. Changed email address for author (me!).
2. Added ability to use the Windows key as a modifier.
3. Reworked a few windows to accomodate the longer hotkey combinations.
Version 2.4.2 (14/09/2012)
1. Added Windows 8 Icon compatibility.
2. Added dedicated higher-res icon for shortcuts.
3. Added "Show window information" to window actions.
Version 2.4.1 (18/08/2012)
1. Added support for Windows 7 Desktop Map functions (Windows 7 "WorkerW" classes).
Version 2.4.0 (23/06/2012)
1. Fixed an error opening menus.
2. Moved to new version number to assimilate all previous fixes/changes.
Version 2.3.22 (23/04/2012)
1. Added warning messages to the backup/restore functions.
2. Corrected spelling of "Set up" in the wizard.
3. Windows positioning and layout commands now take the taskbar into account.

Version 2.3.21 (18/10/2011)
1. New Zen Icons now properly adopt the currently set Icon forecolor.
2. Added Backup and Restore functions for importing/exporting settings and menus.
Version 2.3.20 (06/10/2011)
1. Fixed error when adding a 'Simlate keystoke' action via the Wizard.
2. Removed legacy compatibility parameters for 95/98 OS commands in the default config.
3. Restriced Icon extraction to locally mounted drives.

Version 2.3.19 (20/09/2011)
1. Corrected spelling of 'Powershell' actions in Windows 7 configurations.
2. Corrected problem saving icons settings when not set to load on startup.
3. Corrected problem with extracting large icons on later Windows versions.
Version 2.3.18 (11/09/2011)
1. Fixed the launching of the 'Windows configuration' utility (Windows 7).
2. Improved the 'mimimum size' behaviour for the desktop map.
3. Improved process information lookup for 64-bit compatibility.
Version 2.3.17 (20/08/2011)
1. Updated help and documentation.
Version 2.3.16 (27/06/2011)
1. Added a new default configuration for Windows 7 (provides access to new, Win7 tools).
Version 2.3.15 (26/05/2011)
1. When an open and visible application is activated/fired via a hotkey, ZenKEY now toggles between it's visible windows with each activation/firing.
2. Optimized some registry functions (faster, reduced size).
3. Modified 'Shutdown Windows' command to perform clean ZenKEY exit.
4. Optimized Infinite Desktop exclusion list handling.
5. Improved collection type safety.
6. Removed launch code from Winamp message class (It's a message passer, not a launcher).
7. Replaced manual window parent search (for 95 compatibility) with more efficient API call.
8. Optimized file name parsing method.
Version 2.3.14 (19/05/2011)
1. Fixed 'Type mismatch' error on first run.
Version 2.3.13 (18/05/2011)
1. Optimized windows handle acquisition in icon updating.
2. Improved the consistency of the icon 'Window mode' setting.
3. Fixed the "Window mode' setting for Zen Icons (All windows and Single window).

Version 2.3.12 (12/05/2011)
1. Fixed bug in ZenIcon management (gave error when closing).
2. Fixed 'Flush inactive icons' function.
3. Flushing or closing icons restores icon Zenbar positions (if enabled).
Version 2.3.11 (4/05/2011)
1. Optimimized message displays (reduced EXE size, reduced processing).
2. Removed and replaced a now redundant 'Modal message' function.
3. Removed use of 'End' statement from startup logic.
4. The screen dimmer now dims all attached monitors.
Version 2.3.10 (23/04/2011)
1. Replaced 'per-icon' color setting with a 'All icon' color setting.
2. Optimized the opening/closing of the settings files (now accessed only once on start/end).
Version 2.3.9 (24/03/2011)
1. Improved the Desktop map Active icon refreshing (to better handle resizing).
2. Fixed the Desktop map bottom right icon click (Displays right click menu).
3. Added 'Pin to Desktop' options for the Desktop map and ZenIcons.
Version 2.3.8 (19/03/2011)
1. The Active application icon is now part of the Desktop map.
2. Optimized icon updating.
3. Icons now have a 'Color' options to change the Icon forecolor.
Version 2.3.7 (12/03/2010)
1. Added 'Make Transparent' window function (renders the window background transparent).
2. Added the 'Make Transparent' function available in the Desktop map right click.
3. Optimized the Window refreshing routine (when transparency is set).
4. Modified style of ZenIcons (painted with Desktop background, pinned to Desktop, autosizing).
5. Fixed a memory leak with Icon handles.
6. If in ZenBar mode, ZenIcons are resized with the Desktop map.
Version 2.3.6 (26/02/2011)
1. Fixed an error when multiple windows are selected via the Desktop map and then closed.
2. Added 'Pin to Desktop' and 'Pin to Desktop(Undo)' window functions, both with 'Undo' support.
3. Added 'Pin to Desktop' functionality to the Desktop map.
4. Slightly re-organized the Desktop map right-click menu.
Version 2.3.5 (3/02/2011)
1. In the installer, added a check to see if ZenKEY is running and warn accordingly.
2. Changed User settings location (now determined by registry).
3. Improved installation behavior (remembers settings, unticking undoes option).
Version 2.3.4 (21/01/2011)
1. Improved ZenKEY icon management.
2. Reworked internals so Desktop map and Infinite desktop classes are truly separate.
3.  Fixed the errors when trying to add new actions via the ZenKEY configuration utility.
4. Fixed the external  firing of actions (includes testing).
Version 2.3.3 (8/01/2011)
1. Removed libraries the caused errors on unloading.
2. Improved Zen property lookup algorithm.
Version 2.3.2 (5/01/2011)
1. Reworked program termination to try and avoid exiting errors on Windows Vista/7.
2. Optimized some array handing routines.
3. Optimized Desktop map access and some other object references.
4. Fixed some quirky interaction between a Desktop map and an Infinite desktop setting.
Version 2.3.1 (22/12/2011)
1. Corrected transparency inconsistencies on Zen Icons.
2. Corrected problem where icons where not reloaded on startup.
3. Optimized multi-window selection on the Desktop map.
4. Corrected a problem in laying out icons in Zenbar mode.
5. Removed dynamic Zenbar layout enforcing - seems more irritating than useful.
Version 2.3.0 (17/12/2010)
1. Moved internal workings over to RichClient libraries (faster dictionaries, new features).
2. Many optimizations and tweaks to internals.
Version 2.2.9 (12/11/2010)
1. Corrected: the Desktop map can no longer be moved via the Desktop map itself (Really this time!).
2. Clicking 'Move Desktop right' did not give the appropriate warning when the Infinite desktop is disabled.
3. Removed support legacy 'Registry to INI' conversion.
4. Removed redundant settings from default configuration files.
5. Added actions to open the configuration utility in the 'Items' and 'Configuration' sections.
Version 2.2.8 (5/11/2010)
1. Corrected a spelling mistakes ("Folow", "actionl").
2. Corrected: the Desktop map can no longer be moved via the Desktop map itself.
3. Closing the Desktop map now keeps the map hidden (reworked instatiation behavior too).
4. Restored window rolling fix (fix was removed by recent changes).

Version 2.2.7 (22/10/2010)
1. Removed legacy support calls for Windows 98/ME (In preparation for RichClient libraries).
2. Optimized some graphical tiling and polling routines.
Version 2.2.6 (17/09/2010)
1. Corrected the display of the 'Run' dialogue.
2. Corrected a runtime error in the Wizard after the display of conflict messages.
3. Modified the "simulate keystokes" item in the Wizard to disable editing of the recorded sequence.
Version 2.2.5 (22/07/2010)
1. Added ability to tweak mouse movements using direction keys.
2. Improved mouse-clicking simulation.
3. Added Bing and Bing image searches to Internet search options.
4. Tweaked message sending to active ZenKEY instance (when testing actions).
5. Added event flush to try and prevent graphical aberrations on startup.
Version 2.2.4 (05/07/2010)
1. Optimizations to the way icons are loaded and placed.
2. Escape key now closes the search dialog.
3. Transformed all window resizing and placement functions to be more multi-monitor friendly: Windows placements are limited to the first monitor.
Version 2.2.3 (05/06/2010)
1. Added code to avoid rare errors with imagelist initialization.
2. Improved ZenBar layout with Desktop map resizing behaviour.
3. Re-implemented the window rolling mechanism. This allows windows to be minimized and retain their rolled state.
4. Added a rolling repair mechanism to address the not unrolling glitch (appear not to be a bug but Windows behaviour).
Version 2.2.2 (27/04/2010)
1. Added yield to allow processing before rolling windows (hopefully fixes rare unrolling failures).
2. Removed the 'Center on active window' option from the Desktop map. It's too much.
3. Renamed the 'Show form' setting to 'Show window' for a more consistent terminology.
4. Optimized a lot of the ZenKEY window updating and layering code.
5. Fixed some moving misbehaviour when dragging icons in ZenBar layout mode.
6. Optimized the ZenBar layout implementation slightly.
7. Added text about the 'Active icon'  in the ZenBar layout (under Icons) setting description.
Version 2.2.1 (17/04/2010)
1. Renamed 'Icon  Clearing' actions to 'Icon Removing' (more intuitive).
2. Added 'Remove Window Icon' action.
3. Added 'Remove all Icons' action.
4. Removed the application labels from the Desktop Map.
Version 2.2.0 (27/03/2010)
1. Refactored icon process monitoring into a separate class.
2. Upgraded runtime libraries in preparation for RichClient toolset integration.
3. Simplified Icon program information display
4. Optimized math routines to prevent unnecessary rounding.

Version 2.1.13 (5/03/2010)
1. Added support for Vista/Window 7 installations (Requests execution level)
2. Corrected some spelling and removed some items from the default configuration.
3. Corrected Desktop map colouring to handle multiple aligned desktops.
Version 2.1.12 (14/02/2010)
1. Corrected an error in the Wizard - 'Unable to find the menu...'.
Version 2.1.11 (24/01/2009)
1.Tweaked the window rolling behavior.
2. Corrected the tooltip help on the icons.
3. Corrected an error when 'Auto-transparency' was enabled on the fly.
4. Corrected the 'Auto-window transparency' menu status toggle check indicator (was inaccurate).
5. Refinments to the ZenKEY Icon behavior. New icons now center around the mouse cursor on first creation, only store settings if 'Preserve icon' is checked, and are created in the foreground.

Version 2.1.10 (13/12/2009)
1.The Desktop map now on-screen colors now applies across multiple monitors.
2. Improved the Desktop map color detection mechanism.
3. Another attempt to prevent the rare and elusive "window staying rolled" problem.
4. Re-factored and optimized the window rolling functionality.
5. Improved the Desktop map window handling.
Version 2.1.9 (9/11/2009)
1.Re-worked the message box behaviour to allow actions whilst a message box is visible.
2. Improved rolling behaviour to preserve window position
3. Made process information on icons standard (not longer an option).
Version 2.1.8 (9/11/2009)
1. Windows occasionally would not unroll automatically. Hopefully that is fixed now.
2. Fixed problem with annoying message when a rolled application is closed.
3. Optimized a few window placement functions.
4. Neatened up the icon stats display and improved the update algorithm.
5. Modified the message box behaviour to prevent cascading errors.
Version 2.1.7 (01/10/2009)
1. Fixed a bug with auto unroll (Windows occasionally would not unroll automatically).
2. Corrected the loading of icons - only icons with 'Preserve' enabled are now not restored on a restart of ZenKEY.
3. Improved the 'Follow window' behavior.
4. More optimized Desktop map updating.
5. Corrected the icon click to always re-acquire the window handle.
6. Corrected Desktop map not correctly displaying maximized windows across multiple desktops.
7. Tweaked the mechanism for detecting which window to act upon.
Version 2.1.6 (17/09/2009)
1. Fixed a nasty bug if a rolled window is active and a message box was shown.
2. Re-implemented and optimized the rolled window collection.
3. Re-implemented and optimized the Zen Icon collection.
4. Windows are now unrolled when fired immediately after rolling.
5. Rolled windows can now be minimized.
6. Activating Iconized applications now moves through all the application windows when repeated.
7. Fixed a bug where icons did not restore proc ess information updating.
Version 2.1.5 (28/08/2009)
1. Improved the mouse move commands to act with delay.
2. Improved the mouse button commands (Click, Right click) to fire when any Hotkey is released (it previously waited until all Hotkeys were released).
3. Windows are now automatically unrolled when applications are activated (to be further refined).
4. Added screen dimming actions which now apply to all screens (multiple monitors).
5. Optimized the window selection mechanism for applying actions.
6. Re-implemented the window list mechanism for icons (more elegant).
7. Improved the icon updating (more accurate, no exclusions).
Version 2.1.3 (18/07/2009)
1.  The active icon now reacquires window information for other icons.
2. Fixed the 'Close and clear' icon action so it actually does this.
3. Refined iconization and un-iconizing to be more consistent and preserve settings.
4. Simplified the active icon behaviour and removed unused menu items.
5. Removed the 'Show tooltips hints' option.
Version 2.1.2 (16/06/2009)
1.  In ZenBar mode, added a permanent 'Active application' icon. The caption is italicized and colored.
2. Added tooltips to the icons.
3. Asterisks in the icon caption now indicate that the application is iconized.
4. Firing iconized applications or clicking 'Shown window' on the icon now shows each window sequentially.
5. Optimized and reworked the balloon messages to dissappear after 3 seconds.
6. Corrected a forground issue with activiating iconized windows.
7. Corrected undo behaviour for rolled windows.
Version 2.1.1 (27/05/2009)
1.  Modified icon click action to reacquire and act with one click (previously required 2).
2. The ZenKEY form is now no longer moved and placed in the ZenBar layout.
3. Refined the tray notification to address suspected problems with incorrect click behavior on the icons.
4. Removed the 'Apply to all app windows' option from icons. This is now the default behavior.
5. Iconization is now a simple toggle when clicking on icons.
6. Icons now reacquire process information on startup. If the application is not active, the display is disable until the icon is clicked.
7. Added a windows action 'Icon - Reacquire process information' to update icon process information manually.
8. Serious optimizations to icon behavior, including faster loading, improved information acquiring and reduced CPU usage.
9. In order to minimize acting on inappropriate windows, icons now only act on windows with a caption.
10. Modified the icon right-click menu.
Version 2.1.0 (22/04/2009)
1.  The ZenKEY Installer now uses the Open Source NSIS Installer.
2. Switched to using native windows controls/widgets (faster, smaller).
3. Fixed a bug that occasionally generated and error when multiple modal message box was displayed.
4. Changed the notification mechanism to use standard windows balloon tips (XP and above only).
5. Reinstated the 'Re-acquire' window option on icons.
6. Removed the Desktop Map update and timed display options. Simple is better.
7. The search dialog now shows the previous search with all text selected.
Version 2.0.17 (18/03/2009)
1. Fixed the 'ShowMenu' action to show the main menu, not the ZenKEY submenu.
2. Added a 'Send to tray' option to ZenKEY icons.
3. Optimized the 'Auto-window transparency' to prevent unnecessary window refreshing.
4. Added intellegent reversing of states when switching ZenKEY icon actions.
5. Fixed a bug in the configuration utility - Browse 'Program files' now opens in 'Program files'.
6. Optimized window z-order management.
7. The 'ZenKP.exe' file was not included in the install (which means ZenLEY could not simulate keystokes).
Version 2.0.16 (3/03/2009)
1. Optimized various loading procedures.
2. Removed icons from the menu when items are on/off settings. The icons are now blank or a tick.
3. Fixed a bug where the 'Window under mouse' setting did not work properly.
4. Moved Keystroke emulation to an external module. This means simulated keystrokes can now be used to fire ZenKEY Hotkeys.
5. Added delayed firing for any action and removed 'Delayed startup' action from icons.
6. Improved refreshing of moved windows to play nicely with multiple desktops.
6. Removed manual window refreshing (faster).
Version 2.0.15 (4/12/2008)
1. Fixed a bug where the last icon was loaded twice on startup (reimplented the icon stack using collections)
2. Removed UPX compression on exe's due to unpredicable behaviour.
3. Fixed a bug when iconizing windows that had an icon. Process information is now correctly restored and blank icons re-used.
Version 2.0.14 (9/10/2008)
1. Fixed a bug where the 'Apply to all app's windows' setting on the icon was not saved.
2. Added support for multiple monitors on the Desktop map.
3. Improved window refresh algorithm for offscreen windows.

Version 2.0.13 (07/09/2008)
1. Removed the 'Auto-roll' actions from the icons. This feature will be re-implemented at a later stage.
2. Removed the automatic re-acquiring of windows from the icons - too CPU intensive.
3. Added a 'Desktop map update' option to allow decreased CPU usage.
Version 2.0.12 (5/08/2008)
1. Fixed a bug the resulted in existing instances of applications not being brought to the foreground.
Version 2.0.11 (4/08/2008)
1. Automatic  rolling is now prevented when the window is minimized.
2. Modified the unloading to try and prevent windows from staying rolled when ZenKEY exits.
Version 2.0.10 (26/07/2008)
1. Added a 'Delayed startup' option for Zen icons.
2. Improved the 'Automatic rolling' behavior'.
Version 2.0.9 (13/07/2008)
1. Added a delay to mouse click commands. They will now only be fired when all Hotkeys are released (prevents side-effects from 'control', 'shift' or 'alt' being held in).
2. Added a 'Mouse - Double click' action.
3. Updated the 'Simulate keystrokes' mechanism to use a newer API call (SendInput).
4. Fixed a bug when Iconizing/Uniconizing applications when applied to all application windows.
5. Removed the 'Re-acquire ' action from the icons and added automatic window re-acquire.
6. Added automatic window rollup/rolldown when the active application changes.
Version 2.0.8 (13/05/2008)
1. Added 1 pixel mouse movement commands.
2. Fixed issue editing 'Searches', where custom seaches did not display correct values.
3. Modified icon behaviour to initialize at the center of the iconized form.
4. Added missing graphics to some buttons in the Wizard.
Version 2.0.7 (28/04/2008)
1. Modified the 'Rollup' and 'Rolldown' actions to both act as 'Rollup' toggle switches.
2. Updated the 'Auto-window force refresh' mechanism. Again.
3. Added a 'Rolldown' option to the Icons.
4. Modified the 'Open program' option just bring the window to the top (vs. iconizing and uniconizing) .

Version 2.0.6 (27/03/2008)
1. Added an underline on the live icon when the window/application is active.
2. Added  per-Icon settings for window/application mode.
3. Optimized the Icon updating to minimize resource usage.
4. Added actions for moving the mouse and simulating left clicks, right clicks and middle clicks.
Version 2.0.5 (19/02/2008)
1. Improved control placement to be more compatible with higher DPI settings (not perfect, but usable).
2. Updated the ZenKEY message box icon.
3. Added a 'Rollup window' option when clicking on the live 'Icon'.
4. Fixed the 100% CPU usage issue when displaying quotes.
Version 2.0.4 (2/02/2008)
1. Added Desktop map right click functionality for excluding windows from Auto-window transparency and Desktop movements.
2. Fixed a glitch in Desktop map multiple window selection.
3. Various speed and memory optimizations.
Version 2.0.3 (24/01/2007)
1. Improved the Icon loading/saving behavior.
2. Improved the 'Follow active window' behavior to show the ZenKEY window above all inactive windows.
3. Adjusted the window layering to prevent z-order (layer) changes when actions are fired.
  4. Changed the 'Auto-window transparency' refresh method (again! When will it be perfect?)
Version 2.0.2 (11/01/2008)
1. Revised the Auto-window tranparency method of forcing window updates.
2. Added the warning for 'Auto-window transparency' to the Wizard.
3. Added Control Panel items to the Wizard options.
Version 2.0.1 (05/01/2008)
1. Corrected a problem where Icon positions were not saved on Shutdown/Restart commands.
Version 2.0.0 (02/01/2008)
1. Reworked graphics and visuals.
2. Added an "Create window Icon" action.
3. Added 'Rollup' and 'Rolldown' window actions.
4. Optimized Icon loading.
5. Many tweaks and optimzations to the Desktop Map.
6. Added and removed various skins.
7. Added a warning for the Winamp Modern Skin off screen window and non-standard behavior.
8. Implemented UPX compression on the all exe's.
9. Added a 'Minimize window' option to Icons (to counter windows that override normal behavior).
10. Revised the Desktop map positioning behavior.
11. Added "limited" user support and per-user settings.
Version 1.9.23 (8/09/2007)
1. Reworked the Desktop map scaling to always center.
2. Added an option to automatically restore Icons.
3. Added a 'ZenBar' automatic layout option for the Zen Icons.
4. Added Desktop Map Zen Iconize action.
5. Added Desktop Map Navigation buttons for Infinite Desktop Support.
6. Improved icon loading to support window handle preservation.
Version 1.9.22 (18/08/2008)
1. Added a minute counter to the Icon CPU usage display.
2. Fixed a bug in the CPU time counter when the value gets large.
3. Added 2 more clickable items to the Desktop map: one displays the ZenKEY menu and the other the right-click ZenKEY menu.
4. Added two more clickable icons to the Desktop map and reworked the scaling behaviour.
5, Modied the window actions to be allowed on any window except the main floating window.
Version 1.9.21 (02/06/2007)
1. Fixed an error when loading a corrupt file (caused by abnormal termination).
2. Added a new window action for 'Iconizing' and 'Uniconizing' application windows.
3. Fixed a bug in the layer setting: using the 'Top' mode sometimes resulted in hidden windows.
4. Improved internal workings to recognize 'bin' files as executables (Open Office compatible).
Version 1.9.20 (02/06/2007)
1. Improved the window layering to display message boxes on top, even when the layer setting is 'Normal' or 'Bottommost'.
2. Reworked the testing of actions to be sent to the running instance of ZenKEY. This improves speed and allows any action to be tested.
3. Prevented the ZenKEY windows from being considered 'active' windows ie. ZenKEY actions will not be performed on them.
4. Modified the layering behavior to keep the 'Desktop map' on top when it is selected irrespective of the layer setting.
5. Reintroduced the 'Center on Active window' setting to the 'Infinite desktop'.
6. Window alignments are now undone with one 'undo' action.
Version 1.9.19 (18.05/2007)
1. Fixed the error displayed when window alignment is attempted and only one window is selected.
2. Refined the 'Follow active window' placement.
3. Changed some map cursors and added tooltip texts.
4. Fixed the 'Only when asked' display time setting for the Desktop map. Also modified this action to toggle the map on and off.
5. Desktop map actions and window actions are now allowed on ZenKEY windows.
Version 1.9.18 (12/05/2007)
1. Reverted back to the old 'Desktop movement' behavior where the window area update rectangle is not shown.
2. Reworked the map graphics and mouse icons to be more, err, Zen?
Version 1.9.17 (09/05/2007)
1. Fixed a bug in the window alignment functions in the Desktop map.
2. Added Hotkey functions for performing window alignment actions on selected windows.
3. Reworked the window movement and resizing code to be smaller, faster, and provide more consistent window behavior with any taskbar position.
4. Added 'Window selections' to the help documentation.
Version 1.9.16 (24/04/2007)
1. Fixed a bug where windows dragged off-screen were still displayed on the Desktop map.
2. Optimized some of the Desktop map window tracking mechanisms.
3. Fixed a bug in the Desktop map that prevented the same window from being selected and deselected multiple times.
4. Modified the 'Disable window action' to not be automatically undone and removed the warning. This has been done in order to allow a more seamless usage with groups of selected windows. 5. Added functionality that applies window actions to all the selected windows on the Desktop map.
6. Added 'Window selection' actions so that windows can be selected/unselected via Hotkeys.
7. Added 'Enable window' and 'Disable window' functions to the desktop map.
Version 1.9.15 (29/03/2007)
1. Fixed an incorrect map display when re-dragging/acting on multiple windows.
2. Added a 'Control + right click' menu option on the Desktop map.
3. Added different 'Anchor point' options when resizing windows.
4. Improved the 'Desktop map' selection display to always indicate the currently selected window.
5. Modified the 'Desktop map' reappearance behavior and Desktop area handling.
6. Added 'Window alignment' functions in the 'Desktop map' (when multiple windows are selected).
Version 1.9.14 (7/03/2007)
1. Improved the 'Desktop map' multiple-window selection behavior to match Windows Explorer (Shift adds, Control removes).
2. Modified the ZenKEY restart behavior.
3. Added a 'Dynamic Taskbar transparency' option (on by default) to prevent full screen "direct drawing" windows from going blank when 'Auto-transparency' is active.
4. Added support for the' Numpad 5' key (at last!)
5. Added an option to choose the menus that appear when right-clicking on the Desktop map.
6. Windows Vista compatibility tested and all seems okay. More thorough testing will be done in time.
Version 1.9.13 (31/01/2007)
1. Added the ability to select and act upon multiple windows in the 'Desktop map'.
2. Added a 'Selected window color' option to the 'Desktop map' options.
3. Added an option to disable Hotkey registration failure warnings.
4. Fixed a Menu caption change for the "Unload all Hotkeys" and "Load all Hotkeys" toggle.
Version 1.9.12 (30/12/2005)
1. Added Systemtray icon refresh to recreate the icon after a Windows Explorer restart.
2. Fixed a bug that interfered with window transparency preservation.
3. Fixed the 'Mouse speed' control functions.
4. Improved the 'Follow active window' behavior.
5. Reworked the display mechanics: the 'Always on top' and 'Desktop map layer' settings have been merged into one 'Layer' setting which sets the depth (z-order) of all ZenKEY windows.
6. Fixed a 'Follow window position' bug.
7. Added a 'Transparency level' setting for the ZenKEY window and the 'Desktop map' (It replaces the 'Desktop map transparency' setting).
8. Improved the 'Desktop map' to always indicate the active window (previously ignored the Desktop and Taskbar windows)
9. The 'Desktop map' is now fully Windows 98 compatible (with 'Transparency' options removed)
10. Added a dynamic 'Toggle Auto-window transparency' action.
Version 1.9.11 (13/11/2006)
1. Fixed flickering when the menu is shown and the 'Desktop map' is enabled.
Version 1.9.10 (9/11/2006)
1. Fixed window depth issue with "Auto-window transparency", 2-phase refresh and non-opaque active windows.
2. New method of detecting active windows (window polling vs. previous 'Shellhook' method) seems much more reliable and effective.
3. Improved Desktop map updating and handling of maximized windows.
4. Added an option in the configuration utility to scan for and remove invalid paths in menus ("Clear dead links" under "Group").
Version 1.9.9 (25/20/2006)
1. Added 2- phases (faster) to the "Auto-transparency update refresh" - fixes an issue when the new Start menu overlaps a semi-transparent window.
2. Delayed form loading until the form is first displayed (vs. when class is first created) to try and prevent startup display corruption.
3. Improved the 'Infinite desktop' moving and 'Move all windows' action to take the taskbar position into account.
Version 1.9.8 (25/20/2006)
1. Added an option to manually force redraw of transparent windows (Enabled by default, it uses more CPU time, but can prevent window areas from not updating correctly)
2. Fixed a bug that generated a run-time error when disabling the Desktop map.
Version 1.9.7 (20/10/2006)
1. Various optimizations.
2. Added delay mechanisms to prevent missing systemtray icons and incorrectly drawn Desktop maps.
3. Added an Auto-window transparency option to preserve existing transparency, whether set by the application itself or via a ZenKEY window action.
4. Fixed a possible problem with loading file lists when 'Hide file extensions' is enabled.
Version 1.9.6 (13/10/2006)
1. Added new "System" functions for screen dimming/brightness control.
2. Fixed a bug in the 'Auto-window transparency' record stack.
Version 1.9.5 (12/10/2006) - The Birthday Release!
1. Entirely reworked the settings panel in the configuration utility - faster, smaller, and with more detailed setting explanations.
2. Added an option to prevent transparency being applied to the Taskbar (in 'Auto-window transparency').
3. Fixed bug in strict file/exe 'Bring to foreground' behavior (occurs with 'Hide file extensions' enabled)
4. Fixed a bug affecting 'Auto-window transparency depth'.
5. Fixed a bug where windows are not moved correctly when the Taskbar is not on the bottom.
Version 1.9.4 (21/09/2006)
1. Added a 'Move item up/down' option in the configuration utility.
2. Added support for skins without system tray icons.
3. Added and 'Insert keystrokes' option for keystroke recording and playback.
4. Improved the 'Bring to foreground' behavior in application/document launching (strict differentiation between documents and exe's)
Version 1.9.3 (10/09/2006)
1. The system tray icon now indicates whether or not the Hotkeys are loaded.
2. Fixed a bug in 'Auto-window transparency' that sometimes kept active applications transparent. Sorry people...
Version 1.9.2 (9/09/2006)
1. Fixed a major bug in the configuration utility that disabled the form after enabling 'Auto-window transparency'.
2. Some tweaks to try and prevent flashing with 'Auto-window transparency'.
Version 1.9.1 (6/09/2006)
1. Added various 'Desktop map' improvements:
a) Application windows can now be dragged
b) Expanded right-click functionality
c) Right-click + Control or Shift for alternate menus (Nice one Elim!)
2. The taskbar is now also made transparent by 'Auto-window transparency'
3. Corrected the warning message when selecting only one key as a Hotkey (again!).
4. Fixed a possible issue where the message box might be shown behind the ZenKEY Configuration utility.
5. Added functionality - the 'Bring to foreground if active' setting will now work with documents provided that the application which opens them displays the document name in its title bar.
6. In the 'Infinite desktop' section, the behavior of 'Center on Active' has been changed to 'Center on desktop map clicks'
7. Added a function - 'Refresh ZenKEY system tray icon' (explorer loses the icon on silent restarts).
Version 1.9.0 (23/08/2006)
1. Support for mobile disks. ZenKEY can now be installed on a memory stick and run on any computers running Windows XP or with Vb5 runtimes.
2. The 'Desktop map' can now be used to control windows and perform desktop moves.
3. Transparency is no longer applied to 'RunDLL' and 'Static' system windows eg. 'Display properties', 'Run'.
Version 1.8.8 (13/08/2006)
1. Fixed a bug that prevented the 'Desktop map' from updating properly on application activations.

Version 1.8.7 (7/08/2006)
1. Added a system action to move the mouse pointer off the screen.
2. Added a ZenKEY action to close/exit ZenKEY.
3. Added two new window actions - Center in right half and center in left half.
4. Modified all window placement and sizing actions to prevent covering of the taskbar and to keep windows on the screen if the 'Infinite desktop' is not enabled..
5. Modified all the file selection dialogs to provide options for selecting via drag-and-drop, browsing predefined folders or just plain browsing.
6. Modified the Wizard - improved the 'Edit/Remove' options to quickly find items via their Hotkeys.
7. Fixed an issue where the message boxes were displayed beneath other applications when the 'Desktop map' was enabled.
8. Made various optimizations to the window/message display mechanisms.
9. Standardized all spelling to U.S. standards.
10. Added options to place the menu separator and automatically divide large menus.
11. Modified the window omission listboxes not to display "<None>" when items have been added.

Version 1.8.6 (19/07/2006)
1. Optimizations to the 'Auto-window transparency' mechanism prevent certain 'system' windows from being affected (solves many 'black patch' issues with other windows)
2. Added three new 'Windows System' functions - 'Center mouse' and 'Center mouse on active window' and 'Center mouse on active control'.
3. Altered the warning when selecting only one Hotkey or only 'modifier' (Control, Alt, Shift) keys.
4. Modified the balloon notifications to display without stealing window focus.
5. Modified the 'Desktop map' to prevent a distorted display on system startup.
6. Added default Hotkeys, 'Infinite desktop' and 'Auto-window' transparency options to the Wizard.
7. Re-worked the 'Auto-window transparency ' mechanism to handle unexpected messages. This should also solve 'Unable to determine active window' issues. (Thanks Brandon)
Version 1.8.5 (20/06/2005)
1. Added tolerance for limited user permissions whilst saving to "ini".
2. Fixed - install bug where previous user setting were not correctly detected.
3. Fixed - version numbers were not being correctly reflected.
Version 1.8.4 (18/06/2006)
1. New feature - The 'Infinite desktop' (with a few changes from the experimental version).
2. New feature - the 'Desktop map'.
3. Modified the 'Menu_SetIcons' procedure to skip missing files (errors reported on Win 98).
4. Various optimizations to the memory (compact class string) storage.
5. All settings now moved from the registry to an "ini" file. Cleaner, quicker, easier. The installation has been modified so that existing users settings are moved to this "ini" file (Users rule OK!)
6. Saving behaviour changed - changes made via the ZenKEY menu are temporary and are lost on exit. Permanent changes must be done via the Configuration utility.
Version 1.8.3 (08/05/2006)
1. Added a new function - 'Bring window under mouse to top'
2. Added 6 new tiling functions to the 'Window control' section that tile the last 2 or last 4 active windows in various ways.
3. Added an experimental new feature - the 'Infinite desktop'. It works with the 'Move window' functions and the new 'Move all windows' functions to create an unbounded 'virtual' desktop. More is to come...
4. Added an 'Infinite desktop' configuration panel to the Configuration utility.
5. Reinstated the 'Nothing' block in the Configuration utility. Yes, it does nothing. Ha!
Version 1.8.2 (03/04/2006)
1. Added four new window action - Move all windows up/down/left/right
2. Improved the 'Auto-window transparency' to prevent flashing when switching back to an active window.
3. Modified the 'Center window' functions to keep the whole window on screen.
4. Changed some window action descriptions so they fit better in the description fields.
5. Added a new action - 'Toggle Hotkeys on/off except this one'.
6. Improved the 'Auto-window transparency' mechanism - it now forces a window refresh after setting transparency levels to try and eliminate window redrawing issues.

Version 1.8.1 (19/03/2006)
1. Added a 'Depth' feature for the 'Auto-window transparency', allowing you to keep the last 2, 3 or X windows opaque.
2. Changed Splash screens and About screens to use square yinyang with transparency.
3. Pressing the Hotkey for an application that was sent to the System tray occasionally gave an error.
4. Added another icon mode for the menu - 'Large program icons'
5. Fixed the 'Bring window to top' function which was failing to set the window as the Active/Foreground window.
6. Added some window positioning functions - centering in top half, bottom half etc.
7. Fixed a bug in the Wizard - gave error when setting up a new configuration.

Version 1.8.0 (4/03/2006.)
1. Improved the 'Restore from system tray' function to set the focus to the newly restored window.
2. Rewrote the Window stack management (sometimes gave an 'Out of range' error)
3. A new 'Windows System' command has been added to switch between tasks ie. move between active applications.
4. Added an 'Auto-window transparency' function when moving between windows.
. Modified the Hotkey readout  to provide more user-friendly descriptions.
6. Modified the balloon text to display only the caption and Hotkey.
7. Some items in the right-click in the configuration utility were rearranged.
8. A bug in the configuration utility prevented pop-up menus from being shown in the 'Edit action' dialog when brought up by right-clicking on the menu item.
9. Added the 'Tab' key as a useable key in Hotkey combinations.
10. Optimized the loading of the configuration utility - it now only loads the sections as they are needed.
11. The 'Settings' section in the configuration utility has been reworked.
12. Added an option on disable/enable the ZenKEY splash screen.
13. Added a 'Bring window to top' function (which also makes the window active).
13. Added function to move window to top right, top left, bottom right and bottom left.
14. Many grammatical and language errors corrected throughout.
15. Modified the configuration utility to allow for comprehensive keyboard navigation.

Version 1.7.2 (26/01/2006)
1. Changes to the Hotkey capture mechanism now allow for the keypad and extended keys to used more easily and reliably.
Version 1.7.1 (16/01/2006)
1. Added a 'Windows System' function for opening and closing the CD-ROM drives.
2. Applications can now be launched in any folder (Thanks to Elim for both of these suggestions)
Version 1.7.0 (5/01/2006)
1. Optimised various graphical functions in the Configuration utility and the Wizard.
2. Updated the Wizard to handle the new 'Keystroke simulation' functions properly.
Version 1.7.0 Beta (12/11/2005)
1. A 'Simulate Keystrokes' action has been added. Record and playback any series of keystrokes.
Version 1.6.2 (6/11/2005)
1. A bug in the Wizard sometimes gave a 'Subscript out of range' error when adding a new item.
2. The 'Restart now' option did not appear at the end of the Wizard. It does now....

Version 1.6.1 (11/10/2005)
1. Code to 'Follow active Window' has been reduced and improved to use less system resources. It's also a tad more reliable and now uses a different "'Following" mechanism (see the ZenKEY help for more detail)
2. Improved the restarting mechanism and process intercommunication.
3. Oops. Code was left in after testing, which resulted in the disabling of certain XP/2000 features, such as transparent windows. Sorry people....
4. Added a 'Program icons' option which shows each applications icon in the menu (when you add a program). Also optimized the various icon loading schemes.

Version 1.6.0 (17th, September, 2005)
1. Added a setup 'Wizard' that runs after installation.
2. Removed default Hotkeys - tends to overwhelm people somewhat....
3. Added 'Special folders' that are dynamically determined
4. After much deliberation, changed the installation to be slightly less 'childish'. Why do we grow up?
5. Fixed a bug in the 'Undo' stack for 'Window actions'
6. Altered the New/Edit Item dialog to warn only once of duplicate key definitions
7. Sorry, but had to discontinue support for Windows 95. It's just is too unpredictable without devoted testing...
Version 1.5.1 (29th, June, 2005)
1. Added some new 'Windows system' commands that set the mouse pointer speed (requested).
Version 1.5.0 (10th, May, 2005)
1. Added a new feature that shows a notification when any action is fired.
2. Improved the 'Window' action monitoring so that no 'Window' actions can be performed on ZenKEY windows.
Version 1.4.14 (24th, April, 2005)
1. Added a new action - 'Perform Internet search'. Easy to do, but useful! 2. Various changes to the 'Action configuration' dialog in the configuration utility (I wish I had time to rewrite the whole thing!)
3. Altered the way the first information screen is shown (sometimes flashed violently)
Version 1.4.13 (14th April, 2005)
1. Added an option to start other programs when ZenKEY starts. Quite unimpressed by the fact that the command to start maximized or minimized can be ignored by the starting application. How rude!
2. Improved the Window moving/resizing to un-maximize/minimise the window if necessary and then apply the moving/sizing.
Version 1.4.12 (9th April, 2005)
1. Altered the configuration utility to allow multiple instances. Not ideal, but confuses people less.
2. Added a 'Now' button in the Configuration utility to show quotes on the spot.
3. When ZenKEY was set to 'Always on top' and to 'Follow active Window', it would sometimes steal the Focus, with rather irritating results. This has been corrected.
4. The 'Always on top' menu caption sometimes got a little confused, saying 'Set to 'Always on top'', when it actually meant 'Remove 'Always of top''.
Version 1.4.11 (27th March, 2005)
1. Improved 'Active window' monitoring so as to ignore Taskbar, Desktop and System tray windows.
Version 1.4.10 (19 March, 2005)
1. Oversight results in no saving to registry, program runs amok. Tut tut.
Version 1.4.8 (11th January, 2005)
1. Modified the message box to display 5 message boxes simultaneously before halting execution.
2. Fixed a small bug in the 'modal' displaying of message boxes.
3. Altered the 'Save' procedure in the configuration utility to be less cumbersome..
Version 1.4.5 (21 November, 2004)
1. Modified the "Moving windows" procedures. Now windows can be moved off screen and made up to 1 pixel wide or high.
2. Fixed a small bug with the 'Send to/Restore from tray" functions.
Version 1.4.3 (18th November, 2004)
1. Added a 'Window capture' facility to the "Run/Open a program' option in the ZenKEY configuration.
2. Added a 'Window capture' facility to the 'Media commands' window destination function.
Version 1.4.1 (4th November, 2004)
1. Added an option to switch to the application directory when launching an application.
2. Changed the way an application is brought to the foreground if active. Seems to work better...
Version 1.3.8 (25th October, 2004)
Various cosmetic changes spell the end of the obsession. Can it just be finished already?!
Version 1.3.7 (14th October, 2004)
Finally, ZenKEY is made available to the "Great unwashed". Well, this never really happened, but the idea was there!
Version 1.3.6 (10th October, 2004)
Much has changed, much has not. As nobody is using the program yet, it matters not.
Version 1.0.0 (26th March, 2004)
ZenKEY is given to friends and family to test. We hear nothing. "What does it do?" they ask.

ZenKEY is not a spastic fish

was set to 'Always on top' and to 'Follow active Window', it would sometimes steal the Focus, with rather irritating results. This has been corrected.
4. The 'Always on top' menu caption sometimes got a little confused, saying 'Set to 'Always on top'', when it actually meant 'Remove 'Always of top''.
Version 1.4.11 (27th March, 2005)
1. Improved 'Active window' monitoring so as to ignore Taskbar, Desktop and System tray windows.
Version 1.4.10 (19 March, 2005)
1. Oversight results in no saving to registry, program runs amok. Tut tut.
Version 1.4.8 (11th January, 2005)
1. Modified the message box to display 5 message boxes simultaneously before halting execution.
2. Fixed a small bug in the 'modal' displaying of message boxes.
3. Altered the 'Save' procedure in the configuration utility to be less cumbersome..
Version 1.4.5 (21 November, 2004)
1. Modified the "Moving windows" procedures. Now windows can be moved off screen and made up to 1 pixel wide or high.
2. Fixed a small bug with the 'Send to/Restore from tray" functions.
Version 1.4.3 (18th November, 2004)
1. Added a 'Window capture' facility to the "Run/Open a program' option in the ZenKEY configuration.
2. Added a 'Window capture' facility to the 'Media commands' window destination function.
Version 1.4.1 (4th November, 2004)
1. Added an option to switch to the application directory when launching an application.
2. Changed the way an application is brought to the foreground if active. Seems to work better...
Version 1.3.8 (25th October, 2004)
Various cosmetic changes spell the end of the obsession. Can it just be finished already?!
Version 1.3.7 (14th October, 2004)
Finally, ZenKEY is made available to the "Great unwashed". Well, this never really happened, but the idea was there!
Version 1.3.6 (10th October, 2004)
Much has changed, much has not. As nobody is using the program yet, it matters not.
Version 1.0.0 (26th March, 2004)
ZenKEY is given to friends and family to test. We hear nothing. "What does it do?" they ask.

ZenKEY is not a spastic fish

Helvetica, sans-serif">Version 1.3.7 (14th October, 2004)
Finally, ZenKEY is made available to the "Great unwashed". Well, this never really happened, but the idea was there!
Version 1.3.6 (10th October, 2004)
Much has changed, much has not. As nobody is using the program yet, it matters not.
Version 1.0.0 (26th March, 2004)
ZenKEY is given to friends and family to test. We hear nothing. "What does it do?" they ask.

ZenKEY is not a spastic fish

ZenKEY is not a spastic fish