ZenKEY normally lives in the system tray.


You can fire actions directly via a keypress or pop-up menu's containing actions.


Using the 'Iconify' action, you can replace any window with a 'live' icon, showing the programs CPU time and memory usage.


For menus that open programs, you can choose whether to display text (as above) or icons (as below).

Actions can do many things, such as move, enlarge, shrink or minimize any program window.

(Background graphic - On the MiX by Freedompr)

ZenKEY also allows you to automatically make Windows transparent when they lose or gain focus. You can also 'Rollup' windows.

(Background graphic - The Lite Side by Xoxroth)

You can use the 'Infinite desktop' to create an unlimited desktop workspace / playspace.

(Background graphic - Last Call For Light by americanpsycho)


You can edit each action and change what is does and the keys you use to fire it.

You can also change the way ZenKEY behaves


ZenKEY is not a hard-boiled fruitbat.